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Bauerstown Baseball and Softball 2017!

BBA Mini Logo Family and Friends of BBSA,

There is nothing quite like the sound of fans roaring for the big play in the big game. Even if you don't have a player in the game, you still get that sense of excitement. It's that instant when the silence of the day is broken with the crack

of the bat and the few seconds that feel like a lifetime. Someone may have just become a hero and someone will walk away with tears swelling up in their eyes. At the end of the day, they all took the field to do their best and to enjoy the game. They stepped into that batter's box and held that bat with every hope that the next swing of the bat would be the best of their lives.

As a coach, I have had the firsthand experience of seeing players tremble with excitement, nervousness and fear. A young player pitching in their first game may need to simply be reminded to breathe. The batter that knows he is supposed to step into the pitch, but confesses that his legs just won't do it needs that pat on the back. And the player that hit the grand slam and sailed over first base needs called back to earth to touch the bag. They want nothing more than to make us proud of them and they deserve the same from us.

With all of the challenges we all face every day, there are simple, basic things that need to be part of all of our lives. A player pumping their fist after striking out a batter, standing tall on second after a double or a teenager walking away from the concession stand with the first money they've ever earned on their own are amazing accomplishments. As parents we need the experience of consoling and celebrating our children and they need that from us every day.

Bauerstown continues to be a wonderful place about a lot more than simply winning and losing softball and baseball games. God has blessed us all with so much. I encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity you have in front of you. Please take the time to get involved with the organization, with your children and with the great people of Bauerstown.

Thank you,
Peter Jarzynka

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